About Us

BlingForever.com is a family run jewelry company. Although they began selling jewelry online in 2003 their story begins far before this.

Founder of Bling Forever, April grew up a self proclaimed "girly girl" who loved all things sparkly and blingy! She and her mother began a fine jewelry company when she was just a little girl that grew and prospered into a wonderous gold and gems business! Residing in Southern California, the pair could often be found browsing for beautiful items made of precious metals, gemstones and pearls in the Los Angeles Diamond District. These are now wonderful memories as April's mother has flown with the angels to the Heavens above.

Continuing with her family traditions, April created an online business in 2003. A lover of shining and twinkling jewelry she soon expanded into the alluring realm of wedding, bridal, formal and special occasion jewelry. In 2012 her husband, Ken was able to leave his job to work full time with Bling Forever's expanding business.

The two now run and manage Bling Forever and it's subsidiaries. The husband and wife team believe that the customer is always number one! Each and every client is extremely important to them as Ken and April view each new customer as a friend they have yet to meet.

Specializing in Wedding, Bridal, Bridesmaid, Formal, Evening and Special Occasion Jewelry has allowed them to create a lovely experience for many women and teens from all over the US as well as internationally. They are equally as proud of the young ladies who look sparkling for their prom as well as celebrity clients who have purchased from Bling Forever's extensive jewelry collection for their stage performances and pageants.

Ken and April would like to wish the very best to each and every person who takes the time to visit their website. They credit God first and foremost for their family, health and success. Their hope is to spread the love and joy that comes from knowing the Almighty God to others.

Ken and April would like to thank you very much for taking the time to read about BlingForever.com - If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact them. They are always very happy to help.

Many thanks again and God's Abundant Blessings to You!