Rhinestone Wedding Jewelry

Rhinestone wedding jewelry can be perfect for your special day

Are you looking to accessorize your wedding gown or do you need matching jewelry for your bridesmaids? Have you considered the sparkle that rhinestones can give all of you? Bling Forever is the place to go when looking for rhinestone bridal jewelry or rhinestone bridesmaid jewelry. We offer a large selection in colors that are sure to please.

Do you know how rhinestones got their name? Originally, rhinestones were rock crystals gathered from the Rhine riverbed. Alsatian jeweler George Frederic Strass had the idea to coat the lower side of the stone with a metal powder, creating imitation diamonds. Well manufactured rhinestones will capture the glistening effect of real diamonds, especially when seen in sun light. Today, rhinestones come in many different colors but clear rhinestones are colorless with facets that sparkle like (imitation) diamonds.

Aurora Borealis rhinestones, often called ‘AB’ rhinestones, are made with a special coating over the stone. This coating creates the iridescent effect of pink and golden reflections off the stone. AB rhinestones are some of the most popular stones because of this rainbow effect. The coating is routinely put on clear rhinestones but can also be put onto other color stones to create quite a distinctive effect.

If you feel as though you are struggling to pick out the right style of jewelry consider looking at a picture of the person’s face. When picking out rhinestone wedding jewelry for yourself get out a favorite picture and carefully assess the shape of your face. Is it round or oval, heart-shaped or square? If you are working on wedding jewelry for your attendants try to find pictures of each woman’s face to assess. Once you feel you have an idea of facial shapes you are ready to decide on the style of jewelry you will want. If your bridal party has many diverse facial shapes consider picking a specific color of rhinestone, then picking necklaces and earrings using those stones in styles that suit each person.

Remember that jewelry draws the eye so to light up your face and bring attention to it use sparkling earrings. If you want attention turned to your neckline or bust use a brilliant necklace. If you want to avoid people focusing on your face, neckline, or bust you will want to stick to simple jewelry and allow the dress to make the statement.

Usually the necklace and earring shape you pick will offset your facial shape, not duplicate it. An example of this would be that if you are working with a round face you will not want to pick hoop earrings or a round shaped necklace. Instead you will pick an elongated or V-shaped style of necklace and earring. Skip chokers for women with round faces. Women with oval faces can wear earrings of almost any shape. If her face is more rectangular then avoid angular jewelry and get round styles to take the edge off her facial shape.

If you need help working with these concepts, get April on the phone and talk with her. She will walk you through what you need to know to pick out the very best rhinestone wedding jewelry. Bling Forever is proud of our high level of customer service.

Pageant jewelry from the best: Bling Forever online

When you are looking for pageant jewelry, whether it is a set of pageant earrings or a pageant necklace set with both necklace and matching earrings, you need look no further than Bling Forever. Every year we look for the best and brightest jewelry that will be perfect for completing pageant outfits.

The right jewelry accessories will make a gigantic difference in how well you stand out from the other competitors which could mean the difference between first and second place. No matter whether this is your first competition or your fifteenth you always want to dazzle the crowd and catch the judge’s eye. So be sure to choose the right pageant jewelry to compliment your face and your attire.

Bling Forever offers multiple types of sets of necklace and earrings from vintage to modern styles. It can be quite expensive to find the perfect pair of earrings or perfect set of necklace and earrings to go with each and every outfit needed for a pageant. Bling Forever knows how important it is to have multiple sets so we keep our prices at a level that most people can afford.

You will find truly elegant pairs of earrings to match each and every dress you or your daughter will be wearing from the beginning to the end of the pageant. Don’t forget to add in matching necklaces and/or bracelets as the outfits demand. With the large variety of colored stones we have available you will always be able to match jewelry to any special dress.

If you are a pageant mother, you will be happy to know that you no longer need to hunt far and wide to find the jewelry you need. We have done the searching for you to find the high quality merchandise we stock. If you don’t see what you need, call April and describe your situation. Tell us about your dress and we will find you the jewelry you want. She will listen carefully then make suggestions. If we don’t have something in stock that will work we may know exactly which manufacturer has the color or style you need.

Bling Forever stocks many popular pageant necklace sets and pageant earrings. We know that having just the right color is quite important so our selection is large and varied. Sometimes the best choice is clear or AB rhinestone based jewelry. Let the dress supply the color while the jewelry supplies the sparkle. We have a large selection of plain, non-colored jewelry to pick from.

We treat each sale, whether large or small, with the same highest level of importance. We guarantee prompt delivery as we ship items quickly once payment is received. Each item you have ordered will be carefully wrapped for shipping to ensure that the pieces you receive are in the same shape as when they left our office. Bling Forever works hard to keep you coming back as your girl gets older and moves on to more pageants.

For your next pageant, buy all your jewelry from Bling Forever. You won’t be disappointed.

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Your choice of wedding jewelry sets will last a lifetime

As you are preparing for your wedding you reach the point when you must pick out your jewelry for that special day. Look no further than Bling Forever to find the perfect bridal necklace sets.

One of the first questions you need to answer is what type of look are you trying to achieve. Are you in the mood for a totally feminine, dainty look? Do you want a retro look such as one mimicking the late 1800s or turn of the century Victorian look? Or are you more modern with bold, sharp lines in your dress and jewelry? There is no right answer, only the answer you like most.

You may need to answer the question, is your dress understated or overstated? A simple dress may need interesting, bold accessories that will stand out and add lots of sparkle. But if the dress is the statement then jewelry may need to be reasonably quiet and simple so that people will see the dress more than the jewelry. You do not want your jewelry and dress to fight for top attention because then neither will make the statement you want. Choose which is the top item, dress or jewelry, and stick with it.

As you are choosing your wedding necklace set you will need to assess the shape of the dress neckline. You want a necklace that goes well with the dress neckline. Some dress neckline shapes do not need a necklace. If your dress has a high neck, boat, halter, or one-shoulder neckline a necklace will not work so you need to focus on earrings. A high neckline dress may call for smaller earrings while an off-the shoulder neckline may look best with long dangle earrings. If you are only wearing earrings, with no necklace, consider adding a bracelet that goes with the earrings. If you are not sure, ask April at Bling Forever to help as you are making the decision.

If your dress has a V-shaped, princess, or heart-shaped neckline you may want a long drop or a long lariat necklace. Or you can opt for a choker and bare décolleté. A strapless neckline can be the easiest to work with, or the hardest if you struggle with all the possibilities. Almost any necklace will look good with a strapless dress. If you pick a striking necklace be careful with what earrings you choose. Don’t let them over power the necklace.

While it is traditional to wear crystal or AB rhinestone jewelry as a bride you might want to look at a small colored stone in a necklace, especially if the color means something special to you. Aroura Borealis (AB) stones give off a pink and golden shine. Pale color stones can also look quite nice with a wedding gown as long as they do not over power the dress. A pale pink reflection from the necklace can help give color to a pale face.

Carefully assess your options for wedding jewelry sets. Bling Forever offers many, many choices. Pick out the bridal necklace set that you prefer.

Crystal Wedding Jewelry For Brides and Attendants

When you need to put the final touch on your bridal ensemble, think of the brilliance of crystal wedding jewelry. Bling Forever offers a wide array of crystal bridal jewelry and crystal bridesmaid jewelry. You will easily find the color you want to match your attendants’ dresses plus something wonderful for yourself on your wedding day.

We offer many different sets of necklace and earrings in clear and aurora borealis (AB) colors that will match perfectly with any wedding gown, modern or vintage. Add a sparkling bracelet to add even more pizazz to your outfit for that special day. Your wedding party can be equally as impressive with necklaces and earrings to match their dresses. A smaller, thinner bracelet for each of your attendants can make a nice statement, even the perfect bridesmaid gift for each woman from you.

Bling Forever is proud to offer mid-range price sets that are perfect for many people’s budget. The jewelry looks spectacular, but you didn’t need to pay an excessive price. No waiting and hoping involved since our prices don’t require waiting for a major sale in order for you to be able to afford to purchase the necklace and earring set that you really want.

True “crystal” colored stones are clear and colorless. They are 100% transparent so you actually see the foil on the back of the stone. To create an AB stone an iridescent coating is added over the surface to give the stones a pinkish, golden sparkle as light is reflected off the stone. A pure AB stone will be a clear crystal stone with the coating over the rhinestone. A brilliant white dress will likely look best with a crystal bridal jewelry set while many other shades of white and light beige may look better with an AB stone jewelry set.

Look to our colored stone sets for your bridesmaids or consider staying neutral with crystal bridesmaid jewelry. These types of stones are available in a wide range of colors. You are sure to find the perfect match. Other colors of stone can have the AB coating which can give quite a beautiful, complex set of reflecting colors off the stones.

Bling Forever specializes in elegant wedding, bridal, bridesmaid, and other special occasion jewelry. Purchasing your wedding jewelry from Bling Forever will put you in good company with stage celebrities who rely on Bling Forever for their performance jewelry.

Shopping for bridal jewelry need not be daunting. We pride ourselves in offering the finest service. Call us for any kind of help you desire. April is quite knowledgeable and will gladly talk to you about any item you see online. She can help you in situations such as matching a necklace and earring set with a bracelet or providing you more information about a specific set than is available online.

Make the perfect wedding day statement with crystal jewelry from Bling Forever for yourself and your bridal party. You will be glad you did.

You can always feel free to visit us on eBay as well, We carry a large variety of elegant costume jewelry and elegant fashion jewelry from everyday dress, casual and formal evening jewelry. Your sure to find something you love!